First images of Batman: The Board Game hint at character roster and mechanics

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27 February 2017
1487859956991-1289851846-28408.f513c38230e3cdd53b971f626535985e-28408.jpg Some of the Batman board game miniatures
Miniatures show heroes and villains, while mechanics show similarity to Conan activation and gem systems

Monolith’s Batman board game has emerged out of the shadows at last week’s International Games Festival in Cannes, hinting at some of the gameplay mechanics involved and revealing some of the comic book cast of heroes and villains set to fight alongside the Dark Knight.

As suspected, the game is miniatures-driven, with cases of character models on display at Monolith’s booth during the show.

Users of The Overlord forum took to posting pictures of the ‘work in progress’ figures in this thread, showing some of Batman’s best-known friends and foes.

Among the characters we spotted – in addition to Batman himself – were Clayface, Riddler, Bane, Nightwing, Scarecrow, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Killer Croc and a varied selection of henchmen – including some specifically branded with the Riddler’s question mark icon, perhaps suggesting a more important role in the game.

There were also shots of the prototype game board and components. The hero players all have character sheets while one opposing member of the group seems to have a console nearly identical to that used in Conan, along with similar enemy activation cards and tokens. Whether these will be used in the final game or are simply existing parts of Conan being reimplemented for the sake of testing (there is a branded Conan cardboard token in one shot) is unclear.

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There were also plenty of custom coloured dice – presumably for combat resolution – while the hero characters appear to use a gem action mechanic like Conan and his band of heroes, spending gems to perform different tasks but risking exhaustion.

We’ll learn more when the game hits Kickstarter – but the signs seem promising so far.

Main image via The Overlord user JaKaN


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