Firefly, Star Wars and Disney actor Alan Tudyk’s web series Con Man is being turned into a card game

18 January 2017
con-man.26.2320PM-22137.png Con Man
Players act as Wray Nerely’s friends, trying to steer the hapless star towards their goal

Con Man, the online show created by Firefly actor Alan Tudyk, is to get its very own card game spin-off.

For those not in the know, Con Man is loosely based on Tudyk’s own acting career, having played spaceship pilot Wash in the beloved cult sci-fi show Firefly until its much-maligned cancellation. Tudyk has also appeared in a number of Disney films, including Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen and Moana, as well as the latest Star Wars entry, Rogue One, as the sassy robot K-2SO.

In Con Man, Tudyk plays Wray Nerely, a former sci-fi actor in a cult sci-fi show (sound familiar?) who now spends most of his time attending conventions, making press appearances and bemoaning the contrasting success of his co-stars, including Jack Moore, played by Tudyk’s fellow Firefly alumnus Nathan Fillion.

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The show broke crowdfunding records for web series on Indiegogo for its first season in 2015, raising over $1 million in under a day and going on to gather in excess of $3 million. A second season was released online last December.

Catalyst Game Labs is creating Con Man: The Card Game, which will see players cast as a handful of Nerely’s acting pals, all of whom are attempting to steer the hapless ex-star towards their own objective.

It’s due out this April.


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