Find fantastic beasts in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle’s first expansion Monster Box of Monsters

17 March 2017
hp_hb_expansion_web-83722.jpg Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle expansion Monster Box of Monsters
Set for magical deckbuilder includes 150 cards, including creatures, encounters, locations and a new character

Harry Potter deckbuilder Hogwarts Battle is conjuring up its first expansion, which will make knowing where to find those pesky fantastic beasts very easy indeed.

Luckily, The Monster Box of Monsters, despite its familiar name, won’t attempt to attack you when you crack it open. (At least, we assume it won’t.)

What you’ll find inside will be 150 extra cards for the game, including – surprise – plenty of new creatures, plus some encounters and locations.

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What’s even more exciting is the tease of a new character from the wizarding world. She’s not mentioned by name – the only clue in the official announcement is “a new hero joins her friends”.

With Hermione already in the game alongside Harry, Ron and Neville, which witch could it be? We’re personally hoping for Luna Lovegood – who better for some obscure magical animal knowledge?

There’s also the cryptic mention that “one of the most magical of wizarding powers makes its deckbuilding debut” and “breaking the rules of Hogwarts has consequences”.

The mysterious and monstrous set will be out ‘soon’ – though, as with the core game, you’ll have to search online and consider importing it to get it over here in the UK. Or flick your dragon heartstring wand and cast Accio – you never know.


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