Fight through 200 years of history in Commands & Colors: Ancients on PC

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13 September 2018
c-and-c-ancients-65569.jpg Command & Colors: Ancients
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Commands & Colors: Ancients is bringing centuries of historical warfare to the modern age with its arrival on PC.

Richard Borg’s board game first came out in 2006 as part of the slick wargaming series that also includes World War II battle sim Memoir ’44, and is built on the same card-driven system that split strategic decisions between section and tactic decks, creating a fog of war-like tension as players control various different units and troop types on a hex-grid map. Battles are resolved using dice, with scenarios generally taking around an hour or less to play.

Like its tabletop counterpart, C&C: Ancients on PC includes 15 scenarios spanning several centuries, from the Battle of Akragas in 406 BC to the Battle of Zama in 202 BC, and offers up the chance to take command of several different civilisations, including Syracusan, Carthaginian or Roman armies.

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The digital version of the game includes three different AI difficulties to compete against, but there’s no human-versus-human local or online multiplayer to speak of – something that has led to several less than enthusiastic reviews from players on the game’s Steam page, giving it a ‘mostly negative’ response at the time of writing.

Developer HexWar has confirmed that a mobile version of C&C: Ancients is in the final stages of testing for iOS and Android tablets, with no given release date. On Steam, the PC and Mac version is 30% off until September 19th as part of the launch, making it £11.


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