Fight crime and manage your finances (it’s more fun than it sounds) in Debtzilla

05 July 2017
pic3583992-66618.png Debtzilla
Final boss fuelled by expenses of players during rest of deckbuilding and dice-rolling game

If you’ve ever found yourself watching buildings being smashed to smithereens in the latest blockbuster superhero movie and thinking, “Clearing up this mess must cost a packet”, there’s finally a board game made just for you.

Debtzilla is a classic tale – heroes fight villains – but with a financial twist. That’s right: as well as kicking evil’s butt, you’ll be needing to budget for said butt-kicking and making sure you don’t max out your credit cards in pursuit of justice and all that.

Players’ heroes are everyday humans without the Scrooge McDuck-style money pit of Batman, so they have to still pay their daily expenses alongside trying to scrape together a few quid for crime-fighting tech.

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Fittingly, the villains are criminals attempting to steal the hard-earned dosh of citizens, with the final boss Debtzilla itself – who is fuelled by the very expenditures of the heroes during the rest of the game.

Gameplay consists of a mix of deckbuilding and dice rolling, as the heroes take down the baddies before debt catches up with them. It might end up being a little too real for anyone still paying off their university fees.

Debtzilla will smash its way into your bank account when it comes to Kickstarter in September.


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