Fifth Disney Villainous Expansion Gives the Ugly Stepsisters a Second Chance

08 February 2021
No one games like Gaston

Ravensburger are back to Villainous, it's popular gateway game based on the villains of popular Disney films and franchises, battling to try to gain their victory. It began with characters such as Ursula, and the Queen of Hearts, but produced further expansions, with characters such as Cruella De Vil, the Evil Queen, and Hades, across Wicked to the Core, Perfectly Wretched, and Evil Comes Prepared. Most recently, we've also seen a Marvel Villainous, where you can play as Thanos and more. Each expansion adds to the characters you can play in a single game, and this newest version has been announced by Ravensburger North America, and is called Despicable Plots. 

With the silhouette of Gaston from Beauty in the Beast as the cover image, Gaston finally joins the Villainous range, a character who has been notably absent from the series thus far and regularly discussed online (see the Disney Villainous Reddit forum where predictions are regularly made). He'll be trying to convince Belle to marry him, winning only if he succeeds where the film Gaston failed. 

In surprising news, the second character being added is The Horned King from The Black Cauldron, a film generally perceived as one of the worse Disney films, but which has gained a dedicated following. To win, he'll need to place animated corpses in specific locations. 

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Finally, Lady Tremaine from Cinderella joins the line up, and to win, she'll need to ensure Prince Charming marries either Anastasia or Drizella rather than Cinderella. 

Villainous games have proven to be fun whether you're familiar with the characters or not, and whilst The Black Cauldron is a nice surprise to the line up, the previous versions confirm you don't need to know their back story in order to charge to victory. 

Release of the game has so far only been confirmed for America, where it'll be released at Target and Amazon, on February 28th with an exclusive cover option, but we expect the general release to follow shortly after. 


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