Father-daughter team behind ‘My Little Scythe’ creates portable version of Scythe that fits in the game’s expansion box

16 May 2017
pic3551781-32522.jpg Tiny Epic Scythe
‘Tiny Epic Scythe’ uses modular felt-backed sections of original board

You may remember Hoby Chou from a story we ran last month about My Little Scythe, a seriously impressive remake of Jamey Stegmaier’s fantastic strategy game co-designed by the Canadian gamer and his five-year-old daughter Vienna that swapped stomping mechs for My Little Pony characters and boiled down the player actions and win conditions to a faster, kid-friendly form.

Mere weeks later, the father-daughter team is back with another remarkable reimagining of Scythe that squeezes the sweeping title into the relatively diddly box for its first expansion, Invaders from Afar.

Dubbed ‘Tiny Epic Scythe’ by the modders, the project splits Scythe’s original hex game board into separate sections of three hexes that are lined with felt and can be reconstructed into the full map on top of a felt underlining to stop them sliding around.

“We discovered that felt on felt does not shift whatsoever,” Chou explained. “By lining the bottoms of each hex piece with felt and placing them on a felt sheet, the pieces form a solid recreation of the original Scythe board, minus the extras not actually needed for the game. This method is cheap, easy to implement, and very low profile.

“With camping season coming, Vienna and I thought this would be the perfect follow-up to My Little Scythe.”

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There’s enough room in the Invaders from Afar box for the pieces for two players, but Chou suggests a slighter bigger box would be able to fit the components for the full seven.

Chou posted the full instructions for making your own portable version of Scythe online, suggesting that the popularity, power and achievement trackers be split in half and made foldable to fit the smaller package.

Stegmaier himself responded to the blog post by releasing a PDF of the Scythe board to allow fans to give it a go for themselves without damaging their original game.


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