Fantasy Flight’s first original video game will be out early next year

10 November 2017
ffg_digitalgames-13197.jpg Fantasy Flight apps
Interactive studio head Tim Gerritsen confirms full announcement before end of 2017

The first game in development by Fantasy Flight’s newly-opened video game studio will be launched at the beginning of next year, its studio head has confirmed.

Tim Gerritsen, who formerly worked on hit games such as BioShock and Prey before leading the new outlet, told Rock Paper Shotgun that the debut project would be revealed before the end of 2017, with a release planned for “early in 2018”.

Fantasy Flight only opened the Interactive division late last month, saying it would be focused on creating PC games set in its tabletop universes but not directly based on existing board games.

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Despite this, Gerritsen said that its first game had actually begun life under the eye of the same team working on Fantasy Flight’s tabletop titles, raising questions as to how board game-like the upcoming project could be.

“Our first game project was initially designed by the Fantasy Flight Games’ internal digital and creative teams before we took over the development and we continue to collaborate with them closely,” he said.

“As we continue to grow and strive on our own, we’d be fools not to recognise the talent and capabilities at that studio, and we simply couldn’t fulfill our goal of bringing Fantasy Flight games to life in the digital realm without including the FFG development teams. Fantasy Flight Interactive has from the get-go and will continue to coordinate and collaborate with Fantasy Flight Games on all of our video game projects."


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