Fantasy Flight Games Cancels Organised Plays

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25 August 2020
The latest to be cancelled after COVID-19

Much as we know now, it's rather uncertain and potentially not safe to have large scale gatherings as a result of COVID-19, leading many conventions and such to head online to showcase instead. However, this also affects Organised Play events, and Fantasy Flight Games have announced the cancellation of a number of theirs

These events make up a huge part of the tabletop community, allowing us to show our skills and/or enjoy the competition of others, however, these are best played in person, and it's not considered feasible at the moment. 

This affects all large scale games, so includes 2020 Prime Championships, System Open, Vault Tour, and Kotei Series events, Grand Championships, Continental Championships, Arkham Nights, and all World Championships. These events are considered on hiatus, and will not be planned to resume until it is considered safe to do so. 

There will, of course, be refunds available for those who have already registered, or you'll be able to postpone your registration to the next event of the same type once it's available, though it's worth noting registrants for some event swill need to contact the event organising partner to get these. 

For smaller Organised play, this may still occur, on a shop level for example. There are kits that have been sent to stores to facilitate these previously, which can be used, with more available in November, so it's not all gloomy news - if it's safe to do so, head over to your local game store and see if they've got any events on. Though, if it's safe to do so, heading over to your local game store is great advice regardless. 

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There'll be more updates in the future as to the renewal of these events, but for now you can read the full update by Fantasy Flight Games over on their site. 




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