Fantastic co-op heist game Burgle Bros is coming to mobile ‘very soon’

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07 July 2017
DEEpQ7QV0AAzICZ-99681.jpg Burgle Bros on mobile
Tim Fowers’ bank-robbing hit headed to iOS and Android

Burgle Bros, the fantastic co-op heist game by Paperback designer Tim Fowers, is almost ready to launch on mobile.

Fowers originally announced the app back in April, revealing that it would be releasing on iOS and Android.

In Burgle Bros, a gang of players work together to steal loot from a multi-storey bank, dodging the roaming guards and security systems as they hunt for the combinations to three safes before making an escape through the roof.

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It’s a cracking game, with plenty of replayability thanks to the bank’s randomly-generated layout and customisable positioning of walls.

Fowers posted an update on the app to Twitter, saying that that Burgle Bros for mobile “is very close to release”, before adding that finishing the game’s tutorial and bug fixes were the main elements left to complete.

There’s no details on when the app will go live just yet, but it hopefully won’t be long.

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