Fan-made X-Wing conversion brings a campaign, scoresheets and new terrain to the miniatures game

22 September 2016
CampaignSpread_1000-26285.jpg The total conversion includes a rulebook, card decks, terrain and more
Heroes of the Aturi Cluster includes 15 co-operative missions for up to six players
Fan-made X-Wing conversion brings a campaign, scoresheets and new terrain to the miniatures game Images

You might love X-Wing. You might really, really love X-Wing. But there’s a good chance you probably still don’t love X-Wing as much as Josh Derksen.

Yet, despite his passion for Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars dogfighting minis game, Derksen felt there was something missing. A few things, actually. So he simply went out and made them himself.

Last year, Derksen released Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, a fan-made total conversion for the tabletop title that adds a full co-operative campaign, as well as new rules, cards, player scoresheets and terrain such as minefields, nevula and a modular space station.

The expansion, recently resurfaced thanks to the eagle-eyed folk at Kotaku, is completely free for fellow X-Wing players to download, print out and play.

Up to six Rebel players, each with their own ship, can fight against an AI-controlled Empire through 15 missions, with a new Mission Deck divided into separate Story Arc segments for each assignment.

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Players will see their ships and pilot progress throughout the story, with new scoresheets tracking abilities, upgrades, missions, kills and experience, allowing them to level up and obtain more advanced craft.

Imperial AI statcards provide control of the opposing Empire vehicles, allowing the ships to autonomously select a target, manoeuvre, action and execute their attack using logic. The cards are supported by a new Imperial Pilot Deck, which assigns upgrades to specific ships, such as more difficult Imperial aces.

Throwing an extra challenge into the mix is new terrain, including explosive minefields, range-limiting nebula ion clouds and a series of tiles that can be used to create a variety of modular space stations, with components spanning shield generators, docking bays and turbolaser towers.

All of the changes and additions are summed up in a brand new 80-page rulebook, which is available as both a digital PDF and a version optimised for printing.

It’s a seriously impressive package, and it looks like Derksen will continue working on the current 0.7 beta version until it hits full 1.0 release.

You can check out Heroes of the Aturi Cluster here.

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