Fallout Shelter: The Board Game Announced from Fantasy Flights

21 November 2019
Pip-boys at the ready to for vault-ing ambition

In 2015 I lost a great deal of time to building an underground society of incredibly buff scientists. In Fallout Shelter you, as the overseer of a vault you drop your vault dwellers from room to room so as to have them engage with attaching mutants, wastelanders, rad roaches and the like. Or just move them between the science lab where they work on their brains, and the gym, where they work on their bods. This under-earth society would sometimes open its doors to let a few of these buff scientists out into the wastes to collect new treasures, bringing back new threads for them to wear while doing underground science. 

The game was one about balancing an ecosystem of needs and slowly watching numbers tick up pleasingly.

2019 might be another lost year in this regard with the announcement of Fallout Shelter: The Board Game from Fantasy Flight Games.

The game is a worker placement game using pip-boy bobble-heads, all of whom seem really quite happy to be living in this post-apocalypse.

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Place the cheerful pip-boys and then you can, as we would all hope, start beginning your excavation of the earth. Build new rooms which can then be used for their benefit. Naturally’ you’ll need to make a choice where you place your workers on any given turn, meaning creating a happy and balanced society is going to be  a fine art.

Risk/reward comes in the form of sending your workers out into the wasteland, hopefully coming back with treats - like guns, or a dog.

Fantasy Flight seem to have created a analogue version of Fallout Shelter that will keep true to the spirit of the wasteland.


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