Exodus: Paris Nouveau is the next game set in the Dystopian Universe of The Resistance and Coup

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05 April 2018
71LcOaDtnsL._SL1149_-17401.jpg The Resistance
Martin Wallace behind upcoming social deduction project

The world of social deduction hits The Resistance and Coup is getting a little bit bigger, with the announcement of the next game set in their shared ‘Dystopian Universe’.

The extravagantly-titled Exodus: Paris Nouveau sticks to the deduction and deception roots of the linked run of games created by studio Indie Boards & Cards, as well as sharing the series’ signature tone and art style.

While details are currently thin on the ground, Exodus has been created by Age of Steam, Brass and A Few Acres of Snow designer Martin Wallace and is described as a game involving “nuanced deception, tense interaction [and] backstabbing fun”.

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An early playtester report from Reddit user darthboywonder suggests a game along the lines of The Resistance’s mission-based leader selection and Secrets’ hidden teams, following two groups of players – one trying to escape and another attempting to stop them – as they try to work out who is on their side and work together to achieve victory.         

That’s not much to go on, but what’s interesting is that it’s aimed at four to six players, making it a smaller-scale experience than many other social deduction titles. It also plays in around half an hour.

Exodus will be the first game in the Dystopian Universe since 2016’s The Resistance expansion The Plot Thickens, and appears to be currently available only through the Kickstarter for Aeon’s End: Legacy as an add-on for backers of the crowdfunded project. Whether the game will see an eventual release at retail is yet to be confirmed.


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