Evacuation Earth – David Turczi’s newest adventure, funded in less than 24 hours!

11 April 2020
Indiana Jones in space meets competitive market trading.

There’s a level of trust in a game when it’s headed by David Turczi, and Evacuation Earth is no different. A veritable powerhouse in board games, within 24 hours of launching to Kickstarter, Evacuation Earth was fully funded, and within the next day, a stretch goal unlocked.


If you’ve not had a chance to catch up (given the speed it’s running at), here’s the what you need to know:


Mighty Boards' Excavation Earth sees you playing as a race of alien explorers having recently discovered Earth. You move your character around the world to excavate and collect artefacts, which you’ll then sell in the market, or even chance your luck in the black market. Of course, what we consider valuable might be different to expectation by aliens in the future – so you could have a great turn from a rusted number plate, depending on the set up of the board.



You’ll have choices and gambles to make each round, with a view to getting your hands, claws, or tentacles on the most money for your wares, and the best set, in order to win the game. Put simply, it’s described as a competitive game of market manipulation for up to four players, which has a playtime of approx. 30 minutes per player.


Not only that, but there’s a free Print and Play included! Anyone backing the campaign at explorer level, which is its entry level to receive the board game (as well as a Kickstarter Exclusive artefacts promo pack), gets a 1-2 player print and play of Excavation Earth. Alternatively, you can get the print and play version of one of its popular games Petrichor by registering on its website, as well as Vengeance and Posthuman Saga as the campaign continues.


Given his success, we met David Turczi recently to talk about his up and coming games, which you can find in our May 2020 magazine. Not subscribed yet? No problem, click here for your digital and print options.

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You can find the Kickstarter for Evacuation Earth by clicking here, which runs until 29 April 2020.




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