Epic $5 Itch.io TTRPG Bundle Raises Money for Trans Rights In Texas, Includes Nibiru, Inspirisles, Wanderhome, and 490 others

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03 March 2022
TTRPG Creators collaborate to offer a huge bundle over on Itch.io, raising money for trans children across two organisations.

In an example of gaming for good, and in response to the stance of Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Attorney General's Office, TTRPG creators have contributed 493 items to a single bundle, with an overall value of $2,716, costing just $5 (about £3.91). 

"Trans children are extremely vulnerable, and the actions of the Texas government will put them and any supportive loved ones in danger. Providing funds to trans advocacy groups and support networks helps keep trans folx afloat in Texas." reads the description, with proceeds from the bundle going to the Transgender Education Network of Texas, and Organización Latina de Trans en Texas.

The former supports educational efforts on an individual, community, and legislative level, as well as emergency relief fund grants to those in need, and the latter creates safe spaces for trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex Texans, both long and short term, as well as aid with aspects such as gender and name change legal aid. 

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The bundle itself contains a vast number of games (that make you wish for a download all button). You'll find Wanderhome, the peaceful game from Possum Creek Games that our review described as "achingly beautiful", Inspirisles, a game that teaches you ASL/BSL as you play as a method of shaping magic, and one we labelled a standout at Dragonmeet, and Nibiru, which we called "incredibly intriguing ideas tied to some beautiful lore"

Barely the tip of the iceberg, however, you'll find Thirsy Sword Lesbians, a game for telling queer stories with friends that we said was joyously fun and disastrously romantic, Agon, an "incredibly refreshing experience that neatly skewers the feel of greek myth", and literally hundreds others, letting you play an improv comedy as the minions rather than the heroes (For the Dungeon!), Wizard school dropouts robbing the aristocracy (High Magic Lowlives), hunt down a missing unicorn (Bewitched), be a bird in the dirt (Bird Love Dirt!) and so much more. 

The bundle will run for just over a month, and you can find it over on Itchio, where at the time of writing, it has raised $7,192 across 669 contributors. 


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