Empress debuts ‘significant’ new 28mm World War Two miniatures range

28 February 2017
GI1-55395.JPG Late WWII American GIs
Figures sculpted by Bolt Action talent Paul Hicks, beginning with late WWII American GIs

Empress Miniatures has taken the wraps off a brand new line of 28mm World War II miniatures.

Described as a ‘significant’ range by the publisher, the models have been crafted by former Bolt Action sculptor Paul Hicks and are size-compatible with existing WWII models, such as those for Bolt Action and Chain of Command.

The first models are a selection of late WWII American GIs dressed in the M43 uniform common from the autumn of 1943 onwards.

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Empress teased that future additions will include “.30 calibre teams, bazooka teams and more infantry” – and that the extra figures would be released ‘imminently’.

“We will be approaching these in typical Empress style with a lot of depth and options allowing you to field really attractive and comprehensive armies on the table,” it wrote in an announcement post. “We might also have a few surprises up our sleeves too.

“28mm World War Two has always been on the list for Empress (indeed our Italians represent our first steps in this direction) and we felt there were some serious gaps in what is currently available.” 


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