Eldritch Horror is getting a new expansion: The Dreamlands

29 September 2016
eh07_box_left_450-98282.png The Dreamlands is based on Lovecraft's literary setting
Add-on due out in Q1 2017 includes eight investigators, two Ancient Ones and a new game board for the titular setting
Eldritch Horror is getting a new expansion: The Dreamlands Images

As if in a dream, Fantasy Flight has revealed a new expansion for Lovecraftian co-op strategy game Eldritch Horror.

The Dreamlands is inspired by the setting of the same name that appears and is mentioned in many of H.P. Lovecraft’s horror stories – including the utterly fantastic The Cats of Ulthar. Seriously, if you haven’t read it, you should.

Back in the real world, the set will include eight new investigators, including Luke Robinson, The Dreamer, who can close gates without needing to defeat monsters on the same space (by spending focus or sanity) and teleport to gates that match the current omen.

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An original side game board will also be included, portraying The Dreamlands and its various regions, plus two new Ancient Ones to occupy its lands: Altach-Nacha the Dreamweaver and Hypnos, the Lord of Sleep. True to Lovecraft’s writing, players access the dreamy world by traversing the endless stairs or passing through the Cavern of Flame from any spot on the map, or by accessing specific portals placed during setup.

Various new cards round out the pack, including spells, conditions, assets, adventures, Mythos cards and encounters for every location.

The Dreamlands is due to hit shelves in the first quarter of 2017. A price is yet to be announced.


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