Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard is exactly what it sounds like

25 November 2016
72789-Rock-Paper-Wizard-1-14001.jpg Rock Paper Wizard
Players pick a spell and target, casting their magic using different hand gestures

WizKids is taking the whole ‘Rock Paper Scissors Gun Lightsaber’ thing one step further with Rock Paper Wizard, a Dungeons & Dragons spin-off built around the argument-solving playground game of choice.

Players are adventurers who have just defeated a dragon in possession of a fair share of gold. Obviously, each explorer wants their due, but can’t agree on who should get what taking.

The only way to settle things, it seems, is a magical battle. Players choose one of the hand gestures portrayed on the cards in the centre – whether it’s Dimension Door, Colour Spray, Wall of Force or the trusty Fireball – and reveal their spells at the same time, each aiming at the target of their choice.

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The enchantments all have differing effects, slowing rivals’ movement towards the gold, accelerating your own race to the treasure or otherwise messing with their attempts to gather the goodies. The first wizard to 25 coins wins.

It’s a simple card game that plays in about half an hour, but could be just the thing to break up length RPG campaigns with a bit of fun – or make real-life decisions by settling disagreements without the mess and burnt furniture of a real spell duel.

Rock Paper Wizard is out in January.


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