Dropzone Commander creator Hawk Wargames has been acquired by the publisher of Rumbleslam

25 October 2017
tJ10WsM_2048x2048-78880.jpg Dropfleet Commander
Hints at third instalment in sci-fi miniatures series next year

Hawk Wargames, the British miniatures studio behind sci-fi titles Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander, has been acquired by Cornish publisher TTCombat.

Announcing the buyout on Facebook, the Rumbleslam and Carnevale outlet confirmed that lead designer David Lewis would be joining its ranks and would be sculpting future models for the games, with extra buildings and accessories set to launch alongside Dropzone Commander 2.0 at the Salute show next April.

TTCombat said that Hawk’s acceptance of the deal had been partially propelled by the pressure to fulfil the Kickstarter for Dropfleet Commander, which raised over £600,000 on the crowdfunding platform in late 2015 before struggling to fulfil backers’ rewards – a task that TTCombat reassured supporters it would complete, as well as honouring any outstanding vouchers.

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“As time went on, David found himself spending most of his time running a company and dealing with the fall-out from the Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter,” it explained.

“After discussions on how to best move the business forward into 2018 and beyond, we both came to the conclusion that it would be better for Hawk Wargames to become a part of the TTCombat family.”

The outlet added that Commander supplies would dip temporarily as it transitioned the miniature moulds over to its facilities, but it was aiming to have a healthy level of stock for the release of the Dropfleet Commander Battle Fleet set in late November.

In particularly exciting news, TTCombat concluded by hinting at the release of a third instalment in the Commander series for 2018, once the Hawk acquisition had been fully completed.


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