Dominion: Nocturne is one of the biggest expansions yet for the influential deckbuilder

04 August 2017
pic3677538-01435.jpg Dominion: Nocturne
11th add-on for card game introduces heirlooms, night, fate and doom cards

Bad luck for any Dominion fans with shelves heaving under the weight of the hefty deckbuilder: a new expansion is on the way.

Nocturne is the 11th add-on for the seminal card game, and one of the biggest-ever released for the 2008 title; inside the box are 500 cards, including 33 new kingdom cards.

As the name suggests, there appears to be an enchanted nocturnal theme going on, with mentions of vampires, werewolves and living statues in its description.

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Lining up with this tone are new night cards, which are played after the buy phase, and fate and doom cards that grant the ability to hand out boons and hexes.

Meanwhile, heirloom cards will spice up the setup of the game by replacing starting coppers.

There’s enough in the set to support up to six players, and it’ll cost $45 (£34) when it’s released this October.


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