Dissident Whispers RPG Anthology for BLM

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15 June 2020
Gaming for even more good

Update: We've been speaking to Dissident Whispers on our Podcast! Plus, the print copy is also now available to pre-order in the UK with Melsonia Arts Council



Today is the day! Little more than a week ago, a project was created to curate an anthology of RPG adventures in support of BLM, and today is the day that it launches.


Dissident Whispers is an anthology with over 90 individual creators from 10 different countries contributing using 10 different systems to provide 58 short adventures, with all revenue going towards the National Bail Fund Network initially, with future revenue being sent to other charities, groups, and BLM funds.


The anthology will cost $20, and be available on DriveThruRPG and Itch.io.  There is also the opportunity to pre-order a physical copy directly from Tuesday Knight Games, which will include a PDF to be sent when dispatched. 



This includes the Mothership RPG Adventure, The Incident and Muto Station written by Brian Stauffer with art by David Hoskins, Sepulchre of the Six Shrouds by Jerry and Sam LeNeave, adventures for Troika!, Dungeon Crawl Classics and six adventures for the amazing Mork Borg… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’ll range in theme from dungeon crawls to tea parties and everything in between. 


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Both Johan Nohr (Mork Borg) and Sean McCoy (Mothership) contributed to the layout, makes sense when you see it. A number of pages have been teased by the Dissident Whispers Twitter page, and we have to say it looks like it’ll be a beautiful collection, especially considering also there'll be artwork by the likes of David Hoskins (Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea), Evlyn Moreu (Fabulous Mini Guild, Chromatic Soup), and Doug Kovacs (DCC)... with an incredible cover by Jabari Weathers. 



We’ve loved seeing the support of the gaming community, and this is a great opportunity to contribute whilst also gaining a great game. It’s worth noting how impressive the speed with which this occurred too – in little over a week, Dissident Whispers went from idea to release, with a wealth of names contributing immediately. If you want to lend your support, you can buy a copy from DriveThruRPG, Itch.io, or Tuesday Knight Games.


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