Dinosaur Island publisher ‘accidentally’ leaks ‘big Gen Con announcement’ early

03 August 2017
20476359_1394572537330003_8718279209543750090_n-(1)-30680.jpg The details of Coaster Park on Pandasaurus' flyer
Coaster Park sees players compete to build the best rollercoaster around

The next major release from Dinosaur Island, Wasteland Express Delivery Service and Red Scare studio Pandasaurus Games has been leaked ahead of its unveiling at Gen Con later this month… by Pandasaurus itself.

The publisher posted images of flyers for the upcoming US show on Facebook, covering over a purported “big GC announcement” with a human hand.

Only, the title ‘Coaster Park’ can very clearly be seen through the hand. So clearly, in fact, that it has us questioning whether it’s as accidental as it seems.

Accidental or not, a scattering of details about the incoming game can be seen between the poorly-placed fingers.

There’s the mention of players competing to build “the biggest, baddest rollercoaster” (you could’ve probably guessed that from the title), as well as the suggestion to “forget about physics” (again, a given).

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More interestingly, a snippet of a sentence reveals that players will be looking to “outbid and outsmart your fellow builders”, suggesting that the game will be centred around bidding and auction mechanics.

More clear are the information symbols for the game revealing that it’ll be for two to four players, takes what looks like 30 to 60 minutes to play (it’s a little blurry) and be for ages 10 and up.

There’s a tiny bit of the artwork peeking out from the hand, too, showing a cartoony style in fitting with Pandasaurus’ stylised looks for its past games.

Dinosaur Island made half a million dollars on Kickstarter earlier this year, while Red Scare and Wasteland Express Delivery Service skipped the crowdfunding site – with Coaster Park already featuring in the publisher’s flyers and making its debut at Gen Con, it looks like it may also be heading straight into the hands of players. We’ll learn more later this month.

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