Dinosaur Island gets X-treme and Totally Liquid with hella fresh expansion and rad edition, dude

13 March 2018
pic4033324-71272.jpg Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid
Triple-whammy Kickstarter includes two-player spin-off Duelosaur Island

Dinosaur Island just can’t help itself, can it? The original dino park management game was packed with knowing winks to Jurassic Park wrapped up in ‘90s-inspired visuals so lurid you practically needed sunglasses to look at it, and now its first expansion and upcoming new edition are pushing the throttle further with titles that would have Bill and Ted cringing.

Totally Liquid introduces aquatic dinosaurs to the worker-placement game of mixing up DNA to bring exciting creatures back from extinction, adding a variety of new park extension boards with new ways to rack up points and extra gameplay elements.

The box also increases the maximum player count to five with the introduction of dino-making corp Moriya Labs, with all players now able to grab bonus score by completing objectives in the new blueprint module. Players can hire unique executive workers that work differently to standard workers, such as a CFO able to profit from other players’ market purchases. Further features are teased, including PR events and other park extensions.

The Kickstarter campaign for Totally Liquid is combined with the new X-treme Edition of Dinosaur Island, a fancified version of the game that features the stretch goals offered as part of the original Kickstarter: dinosaur meeples, metal coins, researcher meeples, a first player slap bracelet and exclusive plot twist cards.

The X-treme additions are also being added to the Kickstarter versions of Totally Liquid and two-player spin-off Duelosaur Island, and won’t be making their way to shops – but owners of the retail version of Dinosaur Island can pick up an upgrade kit with the swanky bits.

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The third part of the triple-whammy Kickstarter is Duelosaur Island, the previously announced standalone game that puts the focus on Dinosaur Island’s dice-drafting and cardplay as a head-to-head competition.

The Kickstarter has already made more than £300,000 and runs until April 21st.

If you want to know what we made of Dinosaur Island, pick up the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming to read our full review.


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