Digital Warhammer Savings at Humble Bundle

12 June 2020
Defend your world. Destroy theirs.


Humble Bundle are known for – well, their bundles. They’ll collate content of a particular genre and offer it at a reduced cost, whereby how much you pay unlocks the amount of content you gain, and part of the proceeds will go to varying charities. However, outside of these it also offers flash sales, and it is part of this instead that Warhammer is benefitting.


As part of Humble Bundles Total War Week, it is offering digital Warhammer games at a lower cost. For example, the acclaimed Total War: Warhammer is 75% off, costing £9.99. This game combines the turn-based campaign and empire-building with explosive real-time battles. You’ll be commanding one of five groups, Bretonnia, the Empire, the Dwarfs, the Vampire Counts and the Greenskins


This certainly isn’t alone however, as the expansions available to it are also part of it, with up to 66% off. These include of the Total War: Warhammer series, Call fo the Beastmen (£7.49), Blood for the Blood God (£2.29, both this and its sequel are the only offerings not reduced at all), Chaos Warriors Race Pack (£2.99), The Grim and The Grave (£.49), The King & The Warlord (£3.49), Realm of the Wood Elves (£7.49), and Norsca (£3.99).


Following on, you can also pick up Total War; Warhammer 2 for £13.59, and it’s expansions The Hunter and the Beast (£5.24), The Shadow and the Blade (£5.24), the Prophet & the Warlock (£3.49), Curse of the Vampire Coast (£7.49), The Queen and the Crone (£3.49), Rise of the Tomb Kings (£7.49), and Blood for the Blood God 2 (£2.49).


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The downloads are for Steam, and will work with Windows, Mac, and Linux.


These are time-limited, however, so you have three days to purchase these over on Humble Bundle.



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