Digital tabletop sandbox Tabletopia to host first International Online Keyflower Tournament

18 January 2017
EQrkQHU1Hz2KnI04Exg2O6-06886.jpg Keyflower in Tabletopia
Winner will take home signed copy of physical game and chance to play with co-creator

Keyflower publisher R&D Games has announced the first international online tournament for the economic strategy title, hosted through the virtual tabletop sandbox Tabletopia.

The competition will kick off on February 10th, with players being eliminated in head-to-head matches until a winner is crowned.

The lucky victor will nab a copy of the physical game signed by co-designer Sebastian Bleasedale, plus a six-month subscription to Tabletopia. They’ll also be able to take on Bleasedale himself in an online match of Keyflower.

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Tabletopia is free-to-play and available for PC through Steam (a subscription allows access to every game). No Tabletopia account is needed to take part in the Keyflower contest, but you’ll need to be over 18 and sign up before the beginning of February.

Bleasedale’s Keyflower co-author Richard Breese recently unveiled the next entry in the Key series, entitled Keyper.

The first medieval-themed instalment since 2012's Keyflower, Keyper is based on many of the same mechanics, such as the use of worker placement and four-season format. It’s set for release this autumn.


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