Dice-rolling city-builder Kingsburg’s upcoming second edition will pack in its expansion

25 September 2017
pic3741713-12766.jpg Kingsburg
Revised version of 2007 original includes five existing modules and a brand new variant

2007 city-building favourite Kingsburg is returning with a second edition, and it’ll pack in the game’s hearty To Forge a Realm expansion.

The upcoming revised edition is said to be more of a reprint than a complete upgrade, with the gameplay remaining unchanged but its artwork overhauled after a disagreement over the rights to the illustrations forced new publisher Z-Man to redo the visuals.

As in the original, players roll dice to influence their advisors, gain resources, construct buildings and hold off attacking forces – all in pursuit of impressing the king.


Due out later this year, Kingsburg’s second edition will include the five alternate game modules previously released as part of the To Forge a Realm expansion, plus a sixth brand new variant that introduces alternate advisor rewards.

Kingsburg has been out of print for a while now, which means the new box will make it easier for more players to track down a copy – but it sounds like you won’t need to if you already have it in your collection.


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