Devils Run: Mile's Massacre Available Now

12 October 2020
Post-apocalyptic Road Rage

"Two great nations that were destined to never find peace disappeared overnight. One is now an irradiated hot-zone where nothing survives. The other, a sparsely populated wasteland that has plummeted into anarchy and chaos" - Modiphius describing Devil's Run. 


You'll have likely heard of Devil's Run - an RPG from Modiphius that puts you in a post-apocalyptic world of gang warfare through epic modified vehicles. They're most identifiable by the impressive miniatures that come out of them, with brutal modifications in a Mad Max style. Well, now there's a new standalone board game based on it, and it's available now!

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To match the speed of your vehicle, it's fair to say this is a fast-moving game, set in a post-apocalyptic America after World War 3.  Half the world doesn't exist, and nineteen years afterwards, those left battle for resources - water, gas, food - and are ruled by bullets and bloodshed. In the game, each player will control a gang, racing across America to lay claim to resource drops, but in the words of Modiphius, "each gang will do whatever it takes to get there first… bash, smash, crash, smash, race, WIN!". 

That means that inside the game, you'll get 8 detailed 20mm resin miniatures, 9 dice, 48-page rule book and mission book, three board tiles, 30 vehicle, character, and weapon stat cards, and 108 game tokens. 

The game is a standalone, and whilst the missions in Miles Massacre tie in with the events of the RPG, the two can be played completely separately, so if you're new to the game and just like the look of it, there's nothing stopping you being able to jump straight in.

You can pick up yours from Modiphius Entertainment site. 


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