Detective Society Appear on Dragons Den - but did they get investment?

14 March 2022
Or did they get burned?

Viewers of Dragons Den may have been surprised to see a familiar game appear on their screens, as Joe Wills and Dan Wiseman of The Detective Society sought investment from the Dragons. 

The show sees entrepreneurs pitching investment in their business to five investors, or dragons, with huge success stories emerging from it over the years - and of course, a number of ones that got away. 

The Detective Society were seeking from the dragons £75,000 in exchange for 7.5% of the company, showing off their mystery in a box style games. 

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These are posted to you in episodes, in which you then open and attempt to solve the mysteries inside to get closer to solving the wider mystery. These may use physical aspects, or even involve calling or whatsapping specific numbers, heading to websites, and more. You may remember the Detective Society from the mysterious sarcophagus they sent to us some time ago, or even the unusual cardboard dog concealing a memory stick. Alternatively, you may recognise them if you are a purchaser of the Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar, where an episode was provided as a day's gift. 

Whilst the investment wasn't a favourite of all dragons – Social Chain founder and Diary of a CEO podcast creator Steven Bartlett found it to be a step backwards in missing aspects such as virtual reality, an investment was secured from crafting queen Sara Davies and eco investor Deborah Meaden, at 12.5% each. 


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