Defenders of the Triforce is an official live-action Legend of Zelda escape room game

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16 November 2016
Screen-Shot-2016-11-16-at-15.02.01-41769.png Defenders of the Triforce will be hosted by live-action escape room firm SCRAP
Nintendo teams up with SCRAP to run the events in the US next year

Video games publisher Nintendo has become the latest firm to jump on the escape room hype train by announcing an official Legend of Zelda event for next year.

Defenders of the Triforce is based on the massively popular adventure franchise and is being co-developed by SCRAP, which runs the Real Escape Game events.

Teams of six players will work together to solve a mystery in a ‘huge area’, rather than attempting to escape, Nintendo’s announcement said.

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There will be references and appearances from Zelda characters, such as the Goron, Zora and Kokiri tribes, as well as ‘classic items’. Better hope you can throw a boomerang, then.

By discovering items and interacting with the various elements of the puzzle, players will unlock new areas of the game.

The sad news is that Defenders of the Triforce looks to be US-only for the time being, kicking off in San Francisco on January 31st before visiting LA, San Diego, Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago and finally concluding in New York.

Take a look below for the cryptic teaser trailer.

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