D&D Reader is like a Kindle for Dungeons & Dragons

22 September 2017
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iOS and Android app will digitise RPG’s library of rulebooks

Dungeons & Dragons is venturing further into the depths of the digital world with a new app that will bring all of the RPG’s rulebooks to your phone.

D&D Reader is best compared to Amazon’s Kindle ereader, as it will let players and DMs flick through the game’s core rulebooks and supplements on their iOS or Android mobile or tablet.

The app, which launches this autumn, will include the basic rules and parts of the Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide for free, and will offer extra content as in-app purchases.

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Interestingly, though, you won’t need to buy every book in whole – individual sections and chapters will be up for sale for a few pounds each, which will then be taken off the price if you decide to buy the whole thing later on. Adventure modules will cost around $25 (£18) each, with other full books at $30 (£22) in line with the physical editions.

D&D Reader will be more than a simple PDF viewer, too – the app will include the ability to search for specific terms in your library of books, favourite pages for quick reference, create folders of pages and jump from chapter to chapter as necessary.

However, purchases made through D&D Reader won’t carry across to Dungeons & Dragons’ other companion app, the recently-released toolkit D&D Beyond. Similarly, there’s currently no way for physical purchases of D&D books to unlock the corresponding content in either digital tool, so you’ll need to decide carefully which platform you want to stick with.


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