D&D: New storyline means new miniatures

23 June 2020
Lots of new miniatures, and lots of hints about what's to come

In its live event, D&D announced their newest storyline, that of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. It’s unsurprisingly a frosty and dark environment, where you’ll feel the cold touch of death in this new adventure.


In something slightly warmer, is the news that Icewind Dale has associated miniatures that you can purchase, and that's always good news. Here are those from WizKids and Gale Force 9 that are available for pre-order now. 


The Chardalyn Dragon comes from WizKids, for release in September 2020 in line with the new story. It's $79.99 (about £65), and looks phenomenal. 



There's then twelve new models from Gale Force 9.  There's no word yet on how to pre-order from these guys, but we anticipate that'll follow shortly. 


For Dungeons and Dragons, it's always great to see Dragons - and the one by GF9 looks amazing!



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Of course, miniatures aren't required to play Dungeons and Dragons, but there's something appreciated about a tactile addition to an RPG. Plus, these give us an idea of who/what we might encounter, like the Frost Giant Skeleton.


They're not alone of course, as there's also new dice available, a new DM screen, and even a cookbook, that were announced during its event, and we're expecting even more information on Icewind to follow. 

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