D&D, Asmodee Digital and Warhammer 40K Deathwatch Humble Bundles

11 May 2020
It's like Christmas came early

It seems almost every week that Humble Bundle are spoiling us with tabletop bargains at the moment, and it’s always great to see. There’s currently 2 days left on a Humble Bundle Dungeons & Dragons – Read the Realms ebooks, which allow you to get $175 worth of books for £12, but it’s not alone.


Humble Bundle, for the uninitiated, allow you to purchase digital products for well below the RRP in tiered bundles. For example, you may pay £1 in the above bundle, and you’ll receive six books, more if you pay £6.50, and the full 23 book bundle for £12. Contributions go between the contributor, and to charity, so you’re getting a bargain whilst doing a good deed!


This week, Humble Bundle brings us humble tabletop gamers two bundles to enjoy. The first is a games bundle, in the Humble Asmodee Digital Play With Friends Bundle. It’s RRP is $158, and is filled with popular digital games playable on Steam.


For £1, you can get Small World 2, Carcassonne- Tiles and Tactics, Patchwork, Kings and Assassins, Love Letter, and Potion Explosion.


If you pay more than £8.26, you’ll get the above, as well as Splendor, Splendor- The Cities, Splendor – The Trading Posts, Mysterium, Carcassonne – Winter and Gingerbread Man, Carcassonne, Small World 2: Cursed, Small World 2: Be not Afraid, and Twilight Struggle.


And finally, for £12, you’ll get all of the above, plus Scythe, The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game Definitive Editions, Mysterium- Hidden Signs, Carcassonne – The River, Carcassonne – Inns and Cathedrals, Carcassonne – The Princess & the Dragon Expansion, Mysterium – Secrets and Lies, Small World 2 – Grand Dames, and finally, Splendor: The Strongholds.


That’s a lot of games to keep you busy while you’re stuck at home! There’s a little over ten days to buy this bundle, with the charity of Partners In Health, and you can do it over on their website.


The second, is the Humble RPG Book Bundle: Warhammer 40K Deathwatch by Cubicle 7, where the fate of billions rests in your hands! The value of the bundle is $274, but as always you can buy this for much less - £14.50, to be precise.


For £1 though, you can get the Deathwatch Core Rulebook, as well as Deathwatch: Final Sanction and Deathwatch: Know No Fear, as well as a web store discount for Cubicle 7 of 20% – so worth it if you’ve got other purchases in mind.

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For £6.50 you gain the above, and four additional books, Deathwatches: Mark of the Xenos, Rites of Battle, Oblivions Edge, and The Emperor Protects.


For £12 you’ll gain the above, but in addition to the previous tier, includes Deathwatches: Raising from the Tempest, The Jericho Reach, First Founding, The Nemesis Incident, and The Game Master’s Kit.


Finally, at £14.50 you’ll receive the full bundle, so everything plus, Deathwatches: Falling Star, The Emperor’s Chosen, Ark of the Lost Souls, The Outer Reach, Honour the Chapter, and The Achilus Assault.


The charity for these books is Doctors Without Borders, and you can buy these over on their site within the next 16 days.


So whether you fancy a quick digital game, or a detailed RPG, these are worth taking a look at!




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