DC Spyfall will swap spies for Superman, Batman and their comic book hangouts

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21 February 2017
1500x1500_0a32ce8e60059caa400dce5d4915e648c0962cbc292ef8a5a48599d8-95127.jpg DC Spyfall
Locations to include Hall of Justice and Fortress of Solitude

Not one to be outdone by fellow espionage-themed deduction game Codenames’ latest move into comic book territory with a Marvel edition, the creators of Spyfall have now revealed their own superhero spin-off inspired by rival comics publisher DC.

Simply titled DC Spyfall, the new game will include original artwork and tweak the existing location-based mechanics to support the use of special abilities by characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker and Harley Quinn (via ICv2).

Of course, the core gameplay involving one or two spies trying to blag their way through cryptic questions about a mystery setting known by the rest of the players will remain, transplanted to DC environments including the Hall of Justice and Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

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DC Spyfall is reportedly planned for release towards the end of this year, and is said to still be in development as publisher Cryptozoic adjusts the introduction of the new character elements to provide a fresh spin on the formula. (Spyfall 2 was only released at the start of this year, after all.)

It’s not the only DC game in the works from Cryptozoic, either – the outlet is also working on a new deckbuilding game, called Teen Titans Go! and based on the cartoony take on the superheroes, as well as two new expansions for the existing DC Deck-Building Game. They will all be out during 2017.

Image via ICv2


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