Dark Souls: The Board Game has a UK release date for non-Kickstarter backers

03 February 2017
static1.squarespace-34500.jpg Dark Souls: The Board Game
Steamforged’s Guild Ball: Heralds of the Winter's Moon expansion due out on the same day

Praise the sun! Dark Souls: The Board Game is almost upon us, as publisher Steamforged has announced a UK release date for those who missed the record-breaking Kickstarter.

The tabletop adaptation of the acclaimed video game series will land in shops on April 21st, a year and two days after it first launched on the crowdfunding site – a campaign that went on to make £3.8 million and become the most-funded board game in Kickstarter’s history at the time.

That’s not all, though. Steamforged has revealed that it will also launch Guild Ball’s next expansion, Heralds of the Winter’s Moon, on the very same date.

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The add-on for the fantasy sports wargame introduces four feral players – captain Skatha, players Veteran Hearne and Ulfr, and mascot Snow – and includes the metal models (30mm for all but Hearne, who measures 40mm) and stat cards for each of the newcomers.

You’ll be able to get the full lowdown on Dark Souls: The Board Game in April’s issue of Tabletop Gaming, with an exclusive interview with Steamforged co-founder and the game’s co-designer Rich Loxam. Until then, why not fill your time with this month’s issue of the mag?


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