Cutesy, spooky dice-placement game Ghostel is coming back for a second haunting

31 March 2017
pic2967105_lg-01101.jpg Ghostel
Raised over £20,000 on Kickstarter last February

Boo! Tinkerbot Games’ crowdfunded dice-placement game Ghostel is getting a reprint later this year.

The game, which sees players rolling and placing dice to try and scare the bejeezus out of hotel guests staying in their former haunted house, made more than £20,000 on Kickstarter last February.

Each round is divided into day and night phases, with the spectral players taking refuge in the attic during the day, stocking up on terror bonuses before emerging at night, roaming the rooms and besting visitors’ courage by rolling their dice.

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The game has a really adorable art style and doubles down on the ‘aww’ factor with diddly ghost meeples. Plus, who can resist that puntastic title?

Although it’s yet to sell out completely – so you should still be able to grab the box at your local FLGS if you’re lucky – Tinkerbot said Ghostel had proved so popular it had decided to print another run of copies.

There’s no solid re-release date yet, but the publisher promised they’d arrive in time for Halloween.


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