Curious Cargo Announced by Capstone Games

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16 June 2020
Curiouser and Curioser, except instead of the rabbit hole it's a midnight market...

In a tweet today, Capstone Games have announced a new game called Curious Cargo, where you’ll go head to head against your fellow player to build up your company.


Its description has you having stumbled into a midnight market selling curious cargo, such as energy capacitors, and something green and jiggly. From there: “I paid a stranger more than I should have for manufacturing plans I hardly understood. Worse yet, they sold the same stuff to my best friend. Now, I have to get my supply lines up and running to prepare for shipping my cargo. And, if my friend starts shipping some of this Curious Cargo, I’ll have to intercept their trucks and corner the market that way. By hook or by crook, I’m going to be the king of Curious Cargo.”


And of course, that’s where you come in! You’ll play against your opponent and seek to build your mini shipping empire. Call in trucks at the right time, match the shipping and receiving of cargo to your schedule to earn points, create a network to these spaces to streamline the process, and ship custom shaped cargo tokens to your opponent – just to mess with their supply plans!


The game is a 2 player tile-laying game, but contains two modes, Day and Night, with the former being easier, and the latter introducing a purple crystalline material which will use all three colours in the conveyer tiles, so you’ll receive an advanced experience. A game will take around 30-60 minutes, and will be suitable for ages 12+.


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The game has been designed by Ryan Courtney, with illustrations by Kwanchai Moriya and graphic design by Brigette Indelicato, and focusses on the tile-laying system from Pipeline. The game will be available in retail from October 2020, but if you pre-order when it opens on June 30th 2020 through Capstone Games, you’ll receive bonus content, as well as the game early – you’ll receive it in September 2020 instead. You’ll have until August 14th 2020 to pre-order.


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