Cranky Chinchillas Launches on Kickstarter | Sponsored Post

21 September 2021
Don’t be fooled by the fluff


Cranky Chinchillas is a cute and mischievous game of secret alliances, betrayal, and destruction. You and your friends start the game secretly divided into teams with different objectives, where you’ll need to figure out who is friend or foe, then destroy your enemies with the help of your fluffy, round heroes!


Everyone starts with a party of Heroes, each with a unique power to help bring down your enemies. Heroes also represent your life points, must be protected at all costs. Subsequently, you’ll use a myriad of Action Cards to attack, steal, deny, identify teams, cause general mayhem, and more. Combine your Action Cards with the powers of your Heroes to leave your friends stunned from awe, panic, or both!


But watch out – at least one of your “friends” could be The Deceiver, allowing them to betray everyone and claim solo victory!


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That means that whilst you’re managing your hands of cards, you’re considering your hidden role, with asymmetrical outcomes, in what becomes a competitive social deduction card game. All of which is designed to be suitable for gamers of all kinds, with strategy and depth, but with underlying mechanics that are still simple and easy to pick up.


The game is for 4-6 players (though up to 8 with expansions), and can be played within 30-60 minutes, for ages 14 and over. You can find the fluffy mayhem over on Kickstarter by clicking here.


You can also watch a First Look at the card game with Charlie in the below video!


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