Conan’s Yogah of Yag and Crossbowmen expansions escape Kickstarter exclusivity

11 October 2016
cnm_boxshot-19581.png Both sets were originally Kickstarter add-ons
Sets planned for retail release at start of 2017

The first two expansion sets for Conan will bring two Kickstarter add-ons to retail.

First up is the Lovecraftian creation of Conan creator Robert E. Howard, Yogah of Yag. The elephant-headed hero appeared in the Conan story The Tower of the Elephant and arrives as a miniature that towers over the figures found in Conan’s core set.

Second is the Crossbowmen expansion which, as it suggests, includes ten identical rangers to add to the Overlord player’s forces. The minis accompany three tiles to add to the Book of Skelos to support two different abilities for the soldiers, designed to slow down the heroes and deal long-ranged damage.

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Both the Yogah of Yag and Crossbowmen expansions will be released in the first quarter of 2017.

Prices are yet to be confirmed, although the retail price of both sets was cited as being $20 during the original Kickstarter campaign – with backers grabbing the packs early for an extra $15 on top of their pledge.


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