Comedians to Livestream Dungeons & Dragons for Comic Relief

30 April 2020
+4 comedy?

Mark your calendar for Friday 8th May 2020, as in an unexpected announcement, we’re to see comedians play Dungeons & Dragons in a live stream to raise money for Comic Relief. Led by Dungeon Master Paul Foxcroft, he’ll be guiding the likes of Sue Perkins, Nish Kumar, Sara Pascoe, and Ed Gamble through the fantasy campaign.


Donating a minimum of £1 prior to or during the live stream will allow you to vote on the circumstances that might befall the comedians during their game, which will include the monsters they’ll come across, whether any of them fall victim to a curse, or whether they find helpful (or not!) items along their travels. Comic Relief has teamed up with Wizards of Coast to make this happen, so we can expect a real game, hopefully with some great humour!


Funds received for Comic Relief will support charities and vulnerable people dealing with the pandemic, both in the UK and internationally.


This is a new feature for Comic Relief, and it does make you wonder if the popularity of tabletops and RPGs during lockdown has prompted this. Response to lockdown has seen gamers swiftly move online, with tonnes of offers to teach the game and expanding the players, as an opportunity to be social when not physically able, bringing new players to the games we know and love. There’s no word on whether the celebrities have played Dungeons & Dragons before and will be aware of what’s required, or if the amusement will come as part of their inexperience – comedians often perform best in unexpected circumstances!


Be sure to tune in and donate, which you can do over on Tiltify.

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