Coma Ward is the new Betrayal-like horror game from the publisher of Secrets of the Lost Tomb

01 November 2016
pic3225937-09460.jpg Come Ward is the debut title from Danny Lott
Everything Epic to bring designer Danny Lott’s tabletop debut to Kickstarter next spring

Secrets of the Lost Tomb publisher Everything Epic has unveiled a new horror adventure board game, Coma Ward.

Created by first-time American designer Danny Lott, Coma Ward involves both co-operative and competitive elements, as up to six players explore an abandoned hospital to solve the mystery of how they ended up in the spooky setting.

Gameplay appears to be similar to Betrayal at House on the Hill, with players building up the hospital using room tiles and balancing mental attributes such as terror and neurosis with their physical wellbeing, represented by health and focus.

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Once the final clue has been uncovered, the game shifts into the ‘Phenomenon’ phase – akin to Betrayal’s haunts. Players open a specific sealed envelope from the box, which outlines that game’s unique win conditions and objectives. The goals can be co-operative or competitive, from racing to flee the building to battling for survival. Each scenario has multiple potential outcomes, allowing the same Phenomenon to be replayed.

Estimated play time is 45 minutes to two hours depending on the scenario.

Indie Game Alliance’s Matt Holden, who is working on marketing for the game, added on Reddit that the finished game may also include support for a companion app, elaborating: “Augmented reality is not presently planned. Only potential app would be something to read cards similar to the Crossroads app for Dead of Winter.”

Everything Epic has announced that it plans to bring Coma Ward to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter next spring.


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