Codenames meets Spyfall party game The Chameleon appears on mobile

17 May 2018
pic3552610-14807.jpg The Chameleon
iOS and Android beta launches this Friday

We found ourselves stuck like a fly on a tongue to The Chameleon, the party game mash-up of Codenames and Spyfall from Coup designer Rikki Tahta, when it appeared last autumn.

If you’re yet to give the board game a go, it’s a word-driven social deduction game where everyone knows the same phrase and takes turns hinting at said phrase with a single word (like Codenames), except one person – The Chameleon – who has to try and convince the group that they know what they don’t know (like Spyfall). You can read more in our full review of the game.

It was a happy surprise, then, to hear that The Chameleon is being turned into a mobile app by the developer that previously brought Coup to phones and tablets, Banana & Co.

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The Chameleon app is being previewed on both iOS and Android with a beta test this Friday (May 18th). As for the full launch of the game, the studio says that it’s due out ‘soon’. Hopefully that’s not just a bluff.


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