Classic mega-tank wargame Ogre is back on PC

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06 October 2017
ss_b4b00816d87c0d8be8019bbe31adafef40faecbb.1920x1080-30370.jpg Ogre
First digital adaptation of 40-year-old game since 1986

Steve Jackson’s iconic wargame Ogre has cruised back into the digital world for the first time in more than three decades.

The game’s latest PC release on Steam is the first adaptation of the 1977 classic since 1986’s version for Apple II, Amiga, Atari, Commodore 64, DOS and Macintosh – feel old yet?

The new edition is a faithful recreation of the simple one-versus-many setup, as the titular mega-tank controlled by one player takes on an army of soldiers, hovercraft and more ordered around by the other.

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As well as the standard local one-on-one mode, there’s also a new campaign, custom games against AI, online multiplayer and a tutorial.

The 3D visuals and animations look nice and fit well with the impressive scale and grand tone of the original tabletop hit, but the specs required to run the game are reasonably low.

The game’s £19 on Steam and available to download now.


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