Clank! publisher launches Solo Hero series of single-player-only games

08 January 2019
proving-grounds-41534.png Proving Grounds
First instalment will be fantasy adventure Proving Grounds

Renegade, the publisher behind Clank!, Raiders of the North Sea and more, has announced a new line of games designed for just one player.

The Solo Hero series will kick off with Proving Grounds, a real-time solitaire dice game designed by FUSE and Flatline creator Kane Klenko.

What makes Proving Grounds particularly interesting is its strong focus on story. A novella written by RPG designer and author Monica Valentinelli, Only the Strongest Has the Heart of a Wizened Queen, included inside the box serves as a prologue to the action of the gameplay, as fighter Maia Strongheart attempts to prove her innocence after being framed for the death of her mother, the Sun Queen.

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The novella introduces the characters and plotline, before the single player takes control of Strongheart as she competes in the titular gladiatorial arena during each half-hour playthrough.

The game itself includes a tutorial and six different modules that can be mixed in various different combinations, ramping up from a basic experience to a tougher challenge as more optional rules are introduced.

Proving Grounds is due out this April, and will cost $35 in the US – that’ll get you some cards, dice, tokens and the game’s storybook. The next entry in the Solo Hero series is yet to be announced.


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