Clank! In! Space! adds a single-player campaign mode to its companion app

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21 December 2017
SpaceClankCover-59314.jpg Clank! In! Space!
Optional app updated with five solo missions

Sci-fi deckbuilding sequel Clank! In! Space! has snuck out a surprise single-player mode as part of its optional companion app.

This year’s follow-up to Clank! is playable out of the box with two to four people, and you don’t need publisher Renegade’s ‘Games Companion’ app to play competitively against your fellow humans.

Space can get lonely, though, so if you find yourself with no living souls around to rope into a match, the iOS and Android utility (which is free) now has a solo Clank! In! Space! campaign.

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The story consists of five linked missions that involve saving the galaxy from baddie Lord Eradikus, with the main aim being to achieve the highest score possible.

It sounds pretty similar to a single-player mode available for the original Clank! via the app, which also added mini-quests to multiplayer games.

Renegade has said it introduce extra features for Clank! In! Space! to the digital helper in the future.


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