Choose-your-own-adventure sensation The 7th Continent is back with a new expansion and reprint

28 September 2017
00_The7thContinent_basebox_contents-49135.jpg The 7th Continent
Original game made €1.2 million on Kickstarter

Wildly ambitious and widely acclaimed in equal measure, The 7th Continent translated the branching narratives and near-limitless freedom of choose-your-own-adventure books to an ingenious card-drafting system that garnered more €1.2 million on Kickstarter back in 2015. Now, the hugely popular hit is back with a new expansion, plus the chance to pick up the core set.

The 7th Continent: What Goes Up, Must Come Down introduces 250 extra cards to the mix, including two curses – which serve as the players’ driving motivation behind exploring the island and solving its mysteries.

As the name suggests, What Goes Up, Must Come Down takes the adventure airborne, with a series of areas set up in the clouds and a hot air balloon miniature.

A second scenario, The Veins of the Earth, instead heads underground into a labyrinth of waterways that must be traversed on a barge, which is also represented by a miniature.

Completing the $49 set is a new binder to store quest items collected by the group, serving as a form of real-life journal for the adventures.


As well as What Goes Up, Must Come Down, the original 7th Continent box is on offer through the new Kickstarter for $80, following its creators’ statement that the game was likely too ambitious to get a wider release outside of the campaign in the future.

The 7th Continent uses a simple decision-making system to drive its action along, with a huge variety of outcomes – players can kill characters that remain dead for the remainder of the game, encounter dozens of random events and trigger consequences that reappear hours on.

With a campaign said to span more than 16 hours, there’s also a save system that lets players carry on where they left off and drop in or out of a game at any point.

The campaign for What Goes Up, Must Come Down has already surpassed the original 7th Continent Kickstarter, raising $1.7 million in its first few days.

It'll run until October 19th, with the reprint of the core set due next March and the expansion following in October 2018.


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