Caverna: Cave vs Cave is a two-player version of the acclaimed worker placement game out this summer

21 April 2017
1500x1500_97ce3d315375e4768af9d7a724be0bdd402f453e134792dd680b0565-12942.jpg Caverna: Cave vs Cave
Head-to-head variant drops the play time to around 20 to 40 minutes, versus the original's multi-hour matches

After years of quiet, Uwe Rosenberg’s Caverna: The Cave Farmers is springing back to life with a bountiful harvest. Not only does the beloved worker placement title have a newly-announced major expansion on the way, but 2017 will also see the release of the long-awaited two-player spin-off Caverna: Cave vs Cave.

Cave vs Cave trims down the original player count from a maximum of seven down to a head-to-head battle to create the finest dwarven dwelling by farming the forest outside for resources such as grain and flax and digging further into the mountain in search of precious metals.

The reduced headcount also drops the estimated play time – while the original could see games stretch up to a whopping three and a half hours, Cave vs Cave will sit around the more comfortable 20 to 40 minute mark. The price will be about $28, so £22 here in the UK.

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Caverna: Cave vs Cave is planned for a release at Origins in June.


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