Catan gets a new game – and gameplay – in The Rise of the Inca, out this summer

10 January 2018
DTHUX5fVMAACT-I-54179.jpg Catan: The Rise of the Inca
Players must contend with nature as well as each other

With a number of spin-offs and reskins already out there – including versions based on Game of Thrones, Star Trek and even a edition played on pizza boxes – a new Catan is hardly surprising, but Klaus Teuber’s latest reincarnation of the Board Game Formerly Known As Settlers sounds like it could be set to take his Euro classic in a brand new direction.

The Rise of the Inca is a standalone Catan game for three to four people, playing in around 90 minutes. So far, so Catan. And, yes, all the basics of Catan will be present – even if you’re dealing in cocoa, fish and feathers rather than (or in addition to) sheep, wood, stone and whatnot.

What’s new, though, is a brand new displacement mechanic that allows nature to take back settlements built by the human explorers, which means that other players can subsequently take over a space previously controlled by their opponent.

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To embrace the historical South American setting of the game, Rise of the Inca will come with figures representing the native inhabitants of the continent.

Teuber has co-designed the game alongside his son Benjamin, who also contributed to the recent A Game of Thrones: Catan spin-off Brotherhood of the Watch. That game similarly put a new twist on its Catan foundations with the need to defend the fantasy world’s Wall from wildlings.

Catan: The Rise of the Inca will be out this July.


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