Cast Your Vote In The First Tabletop Gaming Awards

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09 August 2021
We’re trying to pick the best games of the year, and we need your help

We’re running our first ever awards, and we need you to nominate your favourite games from the last year.



The eligibility period is for games released between September 2020 and September 2021.  You can vote for your favourite games and publishers using the link below.


Once the nominations are in, we’ll get together with our judging panel to pick a shortlist for each category, which will then go out to the public vote once again for the final votes.


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Last year we put together a light-hearted version of an awards show to show our appreciation. This year, we’d like everyone to get involved.


Categories for the award include the usual ‘best game’ categories, as well as special awards for components, intergenerational gaming and a few silly ones to boot. So get voting for your favourites right now, and once you have, tell a friend so we can all give the games that have made the last year great a pat on the back, and maybe a shiny award.






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