Cards Against Humanity’s latest prank is ditching their hit party game to make crisps

27 November 2017
prongles_chips-52390.jpg Prongles
‘Prongles: Once you pop, that’s great!’

Not content with taking on the president of the United States, the team behind Cards Against Humanity have announced they’re leaving their hit party game behind – in order to make crisps.

Hints at the company’s latest in a long line of pranks and stunts began to surface last week, as Twitter users posted images of a Pringles-like brand of crisps called Prongles found in US supermarkets.

Posting on Imgur, writer Kat Angus found that the crisps were identified as ‘CAH Card Game’ on their receipt, leading them to discover the website – to which the Cards Against Humanity site now redirects. (In another little joke, the volume slider causes the faux ‘90s hip-hop playing in the background to get louder – no matter which way you drag it.)

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The website claims that Cards Against Humanity is being retired “to pursue our real passion: dominating the global snack food industry with a revolutionary potato chip” and also hammers home the mickey-taking Prongles motto: “Once you pop, that’s great!”

“Our research shows that the snack food industry is bigger and more profitable than the board games industry,” the Q&A section helpfully adds as explanation behind the apparent change of direction.

Prongles appear to be real, edible crisps – albeit with unusual flavours such as ‘Salt & Potato’ and ‘Onions & Cream’. A voting track on the Prongles website shows ‘Whole Fish’ in line to be the next flavour, beating ‘Tacos & Burritos’ and ‘America’ – whatever that tastes like.

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