Cards Against Humanity announces expansion pack based on sci-fi video game Mass Effect

23 February 2017
cah-mass-effect-58961.JPG Artwork for the CAH Mass Effect Pack
Expect plenty of references to flirting with aliens

Love-it-or-hate-it party game Cards Against Humanity is getting even bigger (and, presumably, blacker) with a new expansion inspired by sci-fi video game series Mass Effect.

Written in partnership with Mass Effect developer BioWare, the simply titled Mass Effect Pack adds 14 cards referencing the well-loved and – in the case of its third instalment – controversial series, which first emerged ten years ago and sees its latest release, Mass Effect: Andromeda, hit shelves next month.

Yes, that means you can expect plenty of jokes about trying to flirt and procreate with the games’ fan-favourite cast of alien romantic interests. Even the add-on’s packaging refers to the series’ penchant for intergalactic ardour, showing original hero Commander Shepard (in his male varation) and Normandy crew member Kaidan Alenko kissing when closed.


The pack is $1 (80p) - but be aware that if you’re in the UK you’ll have to add an extra $4 (£3) for postage.

As an amusing side effect, the expansion’s very NSFW website address has even ended up blocking interested employees from Mass Effect publisher EA.


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